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High quality for $49 Yeezy 350 V2


The yeezy 350 is a shoe co-branded by Kanye West and Adidas. It was officially released in 2015. It caused a shock in the fashion circle at the beginning of its release. It swept away the previous decline of Adidas and brought the clover series to its peak. It caused an uproar in the sports trend industry. 

The reason why yeezy350 can make consumers rush to buy it first and shock the trend circles is that in addition to its outstanding appearance, it also relies on two magic weapons.

One is the Primeknit upper, 360° seamless upper processing technology, one-piece knitted upper, and the sock technology is applied to the upper, which brings strong wrapping and good fit, while being breathable and light.

The second is the Boost sole. BOOST technology is the German BASF chemical company that expands and transforms TPU into thousands of small particles. After research and development by Adidas, it becomes a boost midsole, coupled with a crystal outsole, which can increase stability while absorbing shock and rebound.

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