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PK GOD Air Yeezy 2


On June 9, 2012, Nike's official social account announced that Air Yeezy 2 was officially on sale. Each color is limited to 5,000 pairs. Under Kanye's popularity and the difficulty of getting started, these two first colorways have already been fired to sky-high prices. Until now, their secondary market still has extremely high popularity and resale price. Air Yeezy 2 adopts the outsole of Nike Air Tech Challenge 2 in appearance, and the shoe body still uses the iconic strap design of the previous Air Yeezy. The splicing of different materials also adds a lot of details to the Air Yeezy 2, especially the large area of snakeskin pattern leather, which highlights the overall luxurious texture of the sneakers. The reason why Air Yeezy 2 is regarded as a classic is because it not only witnessed Kanye’s glorious years, but also subtly changed Kanye’s fashion style, so the influence of Air Yeezy 2 is not limited to the sneakers themselves. Driven by Yeezy, the influence of Air Yeezy 2 is more reflected in street culture and trend culture.

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