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How to get the $30 discount code on nicekicksmall

How to get the $30 discount code on nicekicksmall

  • Thursday, 19 October 2023
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Join discord to get the $30 discount code

Thank you for your continued support to nicekicksmall! We have prepared a $30 discount code for you, just join our discord server to claim it!

In the following video, we will show you how to register and join our discord server, and also show you where to find discount code.

What can you find on our discord

The discord server is a gathering place for people with the same interests, where you can chat and interact with people with the same interests as you, share life and discuss hobbies.

We have prepared the following benefits for those who join our server:

1. Monthly giveaway draw.

2. Exclusive large discount code.

3. The most authentic customer feedback and legit checking. 

4.The fastest nicekicksmall new product release notification and activity notification

5. If you have purchased in nicekicksmall, then you will get our VIP role in the server and participate in the extra monthly VIP giveaway draw.

More benefits are under continuous development

Join our discord now!

Nicekicksmall discord link, click to join → Nicekicksmall discord

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