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Nicekicksmall New and Old Customer Promotion Summary

Nicekicksmall New and Old Customer Promotion Summary

  • Thursday, 25 August 2022
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A summary of the promotions for new and old customers of Nicekicksmall, so that you can not only consume, but also become our "spokesperson" and "partner"!

1. Purchase nicekicksmall promotions

Both new and existing customers can enjoy a 12% discount. New customers need to follow our social platform accounts and take screenshots to feedback to customer service, then they can activate discount codes. Buy once, and you can unconditionally enjoy a 12% repurchase discount at any time in the future.

2. Nicekicksall super after-sales promotions

1. When ordering our shoes, after receiving the package, you can take the initiative to feedback the information to the customer service. We are calling on customers to take the initiative to take a video of the package arrival and unpacking, and publish the video to their own social platforms. After completion, take a screenshot to the customer service, customer service The reward amount will be assessed.

2. All customers who have made purchases on the nicekicksmall website can sign up for tiktok's "agent operation" partners. First, contact the customer service to register, and then the customer service will evaluate the traffic according to the customer's tiktok account. After the registration is successful, it needs to be produced every day. Publish a nicekicksmall website promotion video. After completing one month, you can get a pair of shoes or $100. After one month, you will evaluate whether it is suitable for continued cooperation based on traffic.

3. Customers who feel satisfied after receiving the shoes will take the initiative to share them with relatives and friends around them, recommend one person to buy them, and complete the order transaction, and then they can get a 3% commission reward of the order amount, and so on.

4. All students who buy new shoes for the school season will enjoy a 12% discount. After receiving the shoes, they can promote it on social media platforms such as school clubs or post bars, and then they can get a superimposed discount of $5 for the next repurchase.

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