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Pk God Dunk Sb


The launch of Dunk reflects another innovative way of Nike called "Performance innovation". Not only can the technology of the shoe itself be innovated, but the expressiveness of the shoe is another way of innovation that Nike believes. So there are 7 kinds of Dunk's first color matching, corresponding to 7 colleges and universities, ST John's, Arizona, Michigan, Syracuse, UNLV, Kentucky, Lowa, GeorgeTown.

   "SB" is coincidentally a double entendre, both SkateBoard and maybe Sandy Bodecker. Skateboarding is the stepping stone to extreme sports. NIKE has been trying to break into the extreme sports market. At the same time, dunks are cheap because of poor sales. Many street skaters choose to wear dunks to skateboard. The opportunity in the skateboard market, and the stepping stone for extreme sports. So experimentally thickened the tongue of dunk from 1998 to 2000, which was also recognized by street skateboarders, so in 2002, Sandy Bodecker planned to launch "Dunk pro for SB".

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