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The history of this brand is interesting, a modern day Cinderella story. After Mike Amiri launched his eponymous luxury label in a Los Angeles studio in 2014, his instant success through social media discovery made him stand out among fans in top stores and among Hollywood's elite. Amiri, who entered the fashion industry after starting a music career at the age of 34, attributes his rise to his digital savvy. His first ready-to-wear collection truly reflects his life experiences, including a collection of distressed rock-and-roll jackets, jeans and T-shirts. Footwear was added for winter 2016. Major retailers took notice early on. In the spring of 16, Maxfield launched a limited series. That same year, Barneys began stocking his ready-to-wear and shoes. In addition, Amiri is one of the few independent brands in the world that positions itself as a luxury item.

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