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LJR Air Jordan 4


Just when Nike put forward the idea of Flight, we finally saw the word "Flight" not only on the shoe box of Air Jordan 4, but also on the tongue of Air Jordan 4, and this also became the difference between Air Jordan 4 and others. Under the influence of the "Flight" concept, the shoe consciously adopts a mixed upper of leather and nylon mesh. This design is mainly reflected in the side of the shoe body, which not only improves the wearing experience, but also increases a little breathability. And in order to avoid the lack of lateral support of the upper, we also saw the triangular support parts on the side of the shoe body, and connected to the 9-hole shoelace locking system, although it does not look so advanced now, but through Adjusting the perforation position of the shoelace can also better solve the problem of wrapping and adaptability. And this has become one of the most impressive details.

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